Snow Blows

I live in San Antonio, Texas because of circumstances, not the weather. Still… I’m going to need this winter to get back to the normal 60s and 70s. The snow this past week was really pretty… the first night, when it was 10 degrees… not so nice the next night, when it was 9 degrees and the power went out. I never lost water, thankfully, but the power never came back on over the next four days. On Thursday, when the power came on for all but 4,000 homes, I was one of the 4,000. Never even got a text message saying something like you’re not part of the rolling blackouts… something is actually broken in your neighborhood… maybe you should plan accordingly. Annoying… cold. We got relief at my sister’s house for a couple of nights. Power is back on, but AT&T is saying the outages damaged my router, so yay, no internet!! Kind of important for two reasons. 1. I’m working from home these days. 2. Can’t a girl get a freaking break!? My brain needs to veg. I want to take a nap and fall asleep watching Grand Designs. I am done cleaning and reading and knitting. Yes, knitting. I want streaming anything on any device bigger than my phone!

Published by compulsivelizzie

Tomorrow is another day and all the other cliches. Everyday I'm in the process of losing weight, meal prepping, excelling at work, being the best mom ever, wrangling cats, training dogs, fixing and ending my marriage (sometimes both at the same time), and becoming the most awesome version of myself I can be. Mostly, I fail at this stuff, but I do try again... on Mondays.

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