DIY Faux Brick Wall with German Schmear

My estranged? Separated? I don’t know what, husband, J. and I actually worked on this together. I watched a 1,000 YouTube videos and read another 1,000 posts on how to do this. In the end, I took a little from here and a little from there.

Bought the faux brick paneling from Home Depot. Cut the seams in a jigsaw, used liquid nails and a bras nailer. Joint compound mixed with a bit of water was used for the schmear. It’s a perfectly, imperfect technique. I practiced a little, but in the end, I jumped in and let the wall take on a life of its own. I will warn the joint compound dries much whiter than you think it will. Use sparingly if you want to see more brick.

Once the wall was finished, I painted the other walls Perfect Greige. Shelves and floors still to come.

Faux brick panel
Jigsaw cuts
First panel up. Make sure to turn any ceiling fans off. Blades will break if you hit them with one of these panels
2nd panel up
3rd and 4th panels up… leaving the hard part for another day… 12 ft high in that corner
Finished panels
Test scmear… way more white than I wanted
Let’s get started
First bit
Next bit
Always saving the hard bit for last
All done schmearing
Wall painted
New outlet covers
The other wall painted and starting to put the room back together

I’ll post the final, final pictures once the shelves are built and hung and new flooring complete.

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