Wanted: Motivation to Write

I had big dreams of starting to blog again. Thought I would be so excited and write a post everyday. Life has changed so much in the last 10 years. I also now seem to find this intimidating… daunting… a chore… an expectation. Gotta send those thoughts away.

I’ve been working on a million home projects. I bought my house with my husband three months after our wedding. It was 30+ years old, but had been flipped. After looking at a million homes that all needed at least a coat of paint, a home with nothing to do right away seemed like heaven. That is until cracks and pens rolling off tables and slightly tilting table lamps started to happen. Foundation problem. A HUGE foundation problem. I was pregnant with my son when I demanded the foundation be fixed before he was born because I refused to live in a construction zone with a baby. I was emotional and maybe not thinking straight.

We spent our entire savings to have 46 pillars put in and around our home, which corrected the foundation, but caused more cracks and new flooring that I regret (very dark vinyl that shows all the dirt). Maybe this is when it all went wrong? I stopped caring about my home. I had a newborn baby. I was pumping breast milk around the clock. My daughter was 16.

Six years later and not much has been done around here. Six years ago I think my husband and I both checked out. I’ve always thought you need to have a near perfect relationship before you have children because even with a great relationship, the kids will tear you apart – at least try to. It certainly contributed to the breaking apart of my marriage. Not sure many could’ve survived a foundation repair, draining of savings, gestational diabetes, a 16-year old daughter, a baby born a month early, 3 cats, and adopting a 7-week old puppy – all within a year.

Well… here I am with no clear picture about my marriage, but a very clear vision of tackling this house and making it mine! First major project was completing the front room of this house. It has a really high, nice vaulted ceiling and was probably meant to be a formal dining area. I don’t need a formal anything room, so a couple of years ago, I started turning it into a functional family/play area… then a work/creating space for my son and me.

Finishing this room will take a faux brick wall with a German Schmear, new paint (Perfect Greige), built by me floating wood shelves, window treatmenrs, new floors, and new baseboards. Here are BEFORE pictures… more to come…

When it became a room to house everything, and I didn’t care.
When it became a play area for my then 3-year old son.
When I changed it into a work/creating space for both my son and me.
When I changed out the light fixture, and I actually had to start working from home due to the pandemic.

Published by compulsivelizzie

Tomorrow is another day and all the other cliches. Everyday I'm in the process of losing weight, meal prepping, excelling at work, being the best mom ever, wrangling cats, training dogs, fixing and ending my marriage (sometimes both at the same time), and becoming the most awesome version of myself I can be. Mostly, I fail at this stuff, but I do try again... on Mondays.

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