Pork Carnitas Meal Prep

I love meal prepping taco/burrito bowls. A favorite is pork carnitas with cilantro lime rice, grilled corn, pico de gallo, and a little cheese. I made THE best batch if carnitas I’ve ever made today. Then I burned the rice so badly it almost caught the house on fire, and I destroyed my stock pot. The house smells horrible. I have a lot of carnitas and nothing else. This happened because i went to plug my phone in and proceeded to be entranced by IG Reels. ☆slaps forehead☆

Start again tomorrow…

Recipe from spendwithpennies.com

Published by compulsivelizzie

Tomorrow is another day and all the other cliches. Everyday I'm in the process of losing weight, meal prepping, excelling at work, being the best mom ever, wrangling cats, training dogs, fixing and ending my marriage (sometimes both at the same time), and becoming the most awesome version of myself I can be. Mostly, I fail at this stuff, but I do try again... on Mondays.

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