Happy Freakin’ New Year

2020 and I had a love/hate relationship. I hated seeing what was happening to others and the world. I dealt with my fair share of struggles, but mostly, I think I was the closest to contentment that I’ve ever been.

1. I LOVED working from home

2. I felt closer to my family

3. I didn’t mind the slower pace and less to do

4. I was able to have a better work/life balance

5. I felt more productive at home and at work

6. I did a couple of home projects – helped my parents landscape my front yard, gave my bedroom a makeover with my sister, and reorganized my pantry with her

7. I spent the best summer with my son and dogs at my sister’shouse – laughing, crying, painting rocks, getting to know my fur nieces and nephews (Wall-E, Maggie, Leeloo, and funny, little, Peyton who we lost in 2020 🙁 )

8. I saw the most amazing clouds, sunsets, and sunrises

9. Took time for self care – self-help books and worksheets, an amazing therapist, exercising, and being kind to myself

10. I found a love of walking and being outdoors – walked up to 15 miles some weeks… used my work breaks and lunches to walk… mid summer I started taking a prescribed weightloss medication – lost 40lbs, but starting walking and puking > the meds combined with 100+ degree days slowed me down a bit

11. I made social distancing road trips to South Padre Island four times

12. Took my first solo vacation

13. Bonded with my 6-year old pup, Beyla

14. Adopted my pandemic puppy, Marsali

15. Found greater mental peace

16. Started to train with my sister for running a 5k – puked a lot with my big sister laughing, making commentary, and helping me… pushing and loving me

17. Ran a 5k

18. Started to work on my marriage… believed my husband when he said he wanted to… planned a family vacation, only for him to back out the day before, on my birthday, and say he didn’t want to be married

19. Found a way to keep going as my estranged husband continued to come and go and not make sense

20. Read a book my therapist recommended that has changed my life and will definitely affect what I choose to do in my relationships for 2021… Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller

21. Made sure I gave lots of snuggles to my grandsons, my son, and my daughter

22. Voted

23. Continued meal prepping

My gratitude has grown exponentially!! I was mostly lucky to have a great employer and great school for my son because a lot of those other things would not have been possible if I wasn’t working from home or had help. Hoping 2021 brings good things to all, but I’m also super sad that some of these changes may have to end. Fingers crossed and lots of hope.

Now… time to plan how I can work from home forever and live at the beach.

Published by compulsivelizzie

Tomorrow is another day and all the other cliches. Everyday I'm in the process of losing weight, meal prepping, excelling at work, being the best mom ever, wrangling cats, training dogs, fixing and ending my marriage (sometimes both at the same time), and becoming the most awesome version of myself I can be. Mostly, I fail at this stuff, but I do try again... on Mondays.

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